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Frequently Asked Questions

At-home Massage Therapy

  • Do you Only offer mobile Massage Services?

    No, I just recently opened up a massage studio clinic located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California in March of 2023. Announcements for the studio space have not been broadcasted just yet as it has been going through a remodel/ being decorated. Public announcements of the space will hopefully roll out by Summer or Fall of 2023. Appointments are being accepted at the space during remodel/decoration phase.

  • What is your Cancellation Policy?

    This business asks that if you know you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please let your service provider know as soon as possible. Any cancellations for any reason or rescheduling with less than 24 hours to 4 hours before your scheduled appointment will result in a 50% charge. Any cancellations for any reason or rescheduling with less than a 4 hour notice or No Call/ No Show, will be charged 100% of the scheduled appointment.

    If your Therapist is running late for your service, You will still be provided your full time if it’s conducive to your schedule. If you need to cut your time per your therapist running late, you are only due to pay for the time your Therapist can provide.

    If you, the client, are running late, unless there is room in the therapist’s schedule to accommodate your full time, your therapist will ONLY be able to provide the time left available for your appointment. If your Therapist is able to provide you your full time per you running late, additional fees will be applicable.

  • Do you work on Minors?

    Yes I do work on Minors starting at age 8. There is an additional Minor Consent form that a parent or guardian must fill out. Minors from ages 8-16 MUST have their parent/guardian stay present during the session unless otherwise agreed with by all parties, Therapist, Parent and Minor, for Minor to be left alone for Massage Treatment with Service Provider.

  • Do you offer Prenatal Massage?

    Yes, I am certified for Prenatal massage. However, due to my limited knowledge, I do restrict my prenatal services to clients in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

    **There is an additional $10.00 fee for Prenatal services. Cancellation policy does not waiver for appointments canceled or missed within the cancellation policy due to going into labor.**

  • Do you work on Elderly, Disabled or Wheelchair bound Persons?

    I do have a small handful of elderly clientele. I have some experience with working with disabled/wheelchair bound clientele. I am happy to hear what the situation is for this prospective client. If I truly feel I would not be a great fit for the client, I will let you know and would be happy to help you find a Therapist with better expertise.

  • Do you offer Gift Certificates?

    Yes I do. You can purchase Gift Certificates either in person or check by Mail or PayPal. I will then give you the Certificate or I am happy to mail it to your desired location.

  • How far do you travel for Mobile Massage services?

    I am located in Rancho Santa Margarita/ Mission Viejo. I have traveled up north as far as the Huntington Beach area and Southbound to San Clemente. I would say my max mileage range would be about 30 miles for one way with the exception of eastern/inland cities such as Lake Elsinore.

  • How many therapists are employed with Massage by Peak?

    Massage by Peak is operated by Ashley Peak who is the Owner and only Certified Massage Therapist on staff. For any persons interested in having Group Massage Parties or a Couples Massage, there are associates Ashley is able to reach out to in order to help accommodate your party or couple.

  • For my In-Home service, How will I know when my Therapist is on their way?

    Your service provider will text or call you the day of your appointment with an estimated time of arrival aka ETA

    *Although your service provider will plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your start time, Please keep in mind delays can happen. Your service provider will communicate with you if running behind and you will still receive your full time as long as it works with your schedule If you are running late, Please refer to the cancellation policy for details.**

  • How much time should I allow for my session?

    For Mobile services: Clients should allow an additional 30 mins to the time you have booked. 15 mins prior and 15 mins after your appointment time to allow the therapist to set up, clean and break down.
    *Your service provider may arrive even earlier for Group/ Massage Parties or Events. If your service provider arriving early does not work with your schedule, please communicate this at your earliest convenience with your therapist/service provider. Some additional time may be needed if you have added on an enhancement or spa service or for events that allow set up for retail merchandise sales*

    For In-Clinic Services: New Clients should arrive about 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork and to allow time for a pre-session consultation, a post service consultation, payment processing and pre-booking if the client desires. Example: for a New client with an hour appointment should set aside at most an hour and half for their first visit. A regular client with an hour appointment should set aside about an hour and 15 minutes for their appointment.
    *These times are estimated and do not include clients’ travel time to and from the clinic.*

  • How can I prepare for my In-Home Massage?
    • Make sure the path to enter your home is clear.
    • It is most ideal for the set up to be at the entry level of your home, but please let the service provider know if there are stairs or if the set up will be on another level of your home.
    • Have a space of approximately 6ft wide by 10ft long available for the service provider to set up and be able to work around. The massage table itself is about 3ft wide by 6-7ft long.
    • A side table or stable surface is excellent for additional items for your service provider to set down. I.E. lotion bottles, cleaning supplies etc.
      *If there is a table surface that you are allowing your service provider to use that is sensitive, laying down a towel or placemat may be needed.*
      **If you have added on an enhancement or spa service, a table/counter surface for the towel warmer and/or stone roaster is appreciated.**
    • You should be comfortable. Some clients enjoy wearing a robe as something easy to take off and put back on before and after a session.
    • Please keep in mind, your service provider is working. A Fan or A/C is much appreciated, especially in warmer/hotter weather. Additional blankets and a table warmer are provided by your service provider to help keep you warm.
    • A glass or a bottle of water is always appreciated.
    • Your service provider is happy to provide music or you are welcome to provide your own.
    • Candles, salt lamps, and or aromatherapy diffusers are not provided by your therapist. If you are in possession of these items and you would like to set them up for your massage service, you are more than welcome in order to create a more spa-like environment in your home.
  • How much do I undress for my Massage?

    This is completely up to you. Most newbies to massage can get nervous. It is a big decision to trust another person, who is a stranger to you, with your body. Please know that you are in professional hands.

    A Lotion/Oil combination is used during your massage. However, if there is an area you are not comfortable receiving skin on skin massage, you can either leave undergarments/clothing on or we will simply not un-drap that area of the body.

    You are always professionally draped to limit exposure of sensitive or unapproved areas for massage.

    *Please note, undergarments or areas that have remained clothed may only be touched on through the linens to receive compression/palpitation work unless otherwise told to avoid the area*

  • What if I want to do my massage session outside?

    If you desire your session to be held outside, please make sure the area your service provider will be working in will be shaded. Your service provider, Ashley, has a history of Heat Stroke and has some sensitivity to intense heat. Working outside during high heat waves or peak heat times of day WILL NOT be an option in sun exposed areas.
    On cooler days, there should be access to an outlet to be able to plug in and turn on the able warmer.
    Additional outlets may be needed if you added an Enhancement or spa service treatment.

  • Is gratuity/tip included in the pricing?

    My pricing is set so that I do not ask for gratuity. However, it is up to you, the client, if you wish to add gratuity.

  • What forms of Payment are accepted?

    Cash is the primary method of payment clients like to pay. However, Checks made payable to: Massage by Peak or PayPal are other options.
    *Please use account: ashleyalexisp for PayPal Payment and select Friends and Family before you finalize your payment.
    * Credit cards are not Accepted with this business.

  • If I have pets, What should I do with my pet(s)?

    That is completely up to you. Most dog owners bring their dog outside to meet me before entering their home to help the dog feel more relaxed. Most animals I have found are very curious about the massage set up items I bring into the home. Typically once the massage has started, they chill out and relax right along with you.
    *If you know that your dog/animal has protective tendencies, I would highly suggest you keep them separated from where we will be performing your massage session.*

  • What happens if I am feeling under the weather?

    Please Please Please let your therapist/service provider know the moment you feel under the weather. If you are 100% certain that you are sick, I ask that you cancel your appointment to not only protect your service provider, but to also be courteous to your service provider’s other clientele. Also, for your safety and health, sometimes, receiving a massage when something may be coming on can make symptoms worsen and flare up your sickness. I would much rather have us reschedule your appointment when you are on the mend or back to healthy.
    Please Note: As a small business owner, cancellation policy applies to illness. Appointments canceled with a 4 to less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the session booked. Cancellations with less than a 4 Hour Notice or No Call/No Show will be charged 100%.

  • What if my Therapist is under the weather?

    Just as I am trusting you to communicate with me, I will communicate with you if I am not feeling 100 percent. Sometimes things come up. Please keep in mind that if I cancel your appointment, It is only because I am trying to keep you safe.

  • What is your Mask policy?

    As restrictions have lifted with the state, I do not wear a mask nor do I ask my clients to wear a mask? I will however wear a mask if a client requests for me to wear one in their home. For In Clinic/Studio Services, If a client would feel more comfortable, I would for them to wear a mask.

  • What Lotion is used?

    I use a mix of Trader Joe’s Hydrating Hyaluronic Body Gel and Jojoba Oil. No scents are ever added to my primary lotion bottles. All scented/aromatherapies are done with a separate lotion bottle that clients get to keep at the end of their session.

  • How are linens/sheets kept cleaned?

    A new set of linens is used for every client. Linen/sheets are cleaned with Tide Hygienic Clean Laundry Detergent in Hot Water after each use. There is a fresh clean sheepskin padding for the face cradle for each set of linens. My table sheepskin padding that lays underneath the linens used for clients, and the blankets provided are washed on a weekly basis.
    Clean linens are folded and placed in a linen tote bag. When linens are dirty after use, the linen tote bags are lined with a plastic trash bag and the dirty linens are placed in the plastic bag until they can be washed.
    After each session, the Face cradle, Stool, Bolster and Lotion Bottles are disinfected with Seventh Generation disinfectant wipes.
    **For in clinic services, all touched services are wiped down as well. I.E. Door handles and coat hanger.**

If you have any other questions or concerns that have not been answered here, please feel free to contact Massage by Peak directly at 949 412-9616, call or text. Or by email at