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Gift Ideas

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Gift Certificate (Style A)

Gift Certificate (Style A) available at any denomination.

Gift Certificate (Style B)

Gift Certificate (Style B) available at any denomination.

Gift Sets

Thinking of that special someone but they are too far away for a massage? Now the Peak Enhancements and At Home Spa services you enjoy and love can be shared with that special someone or yourself!

Build your gift set from the following items:

Aromatherapy Lotion $7.00
Small Unscented Scrub $10.00
Small Scented Scrub $12.00
Small Mud $14.00
Medium Unscented Scrub $15.00
Medium Scented Scrub $18.00
Medium Mud $23.00
Large Unscented Scrub $20.00
Large Scented Scrub $25.00
Large Mud $28.00
X Large Unscented Scrub $25.00
X Large Scented Scrub $30.00
X Large Mud $35.00
Essential Oil Perfume/Cologne $10.00  Currently Out of Stock
Exfoliating Gloves $3.00
Mud Body Brush $5.00
Mud Facial Brush $8.00
Eye Mask $12.00
Heart Shaped Salt Stone $6.00
Hand Spa Towel $2.00 per Towel

Items listed above are available for individual sale.

Include a Gift Box for your Gift Set!

Limit 3-4 Items
Limit 4-6 Items
Limit 8-10 Items

**Pricing is cost of Gift Box, not entire gift set**

Deluxe Gift Box
Deluxe Gift Box   $130.00
Includes: an Aromatherapy Bottle, 2 Small Items, 1 Medium Item, 1 Large Item, 8 Towels, both Mud Brushes, an Eye Mask, Exfoliating Gloves and a Heart Shaped Salt Stone

**Pricing Does Not Include Shipping Costs**

Tote Bags

Tote Bag

Tote bags are available for purchase @ $30.00/bag.

Payments can be made in person or over the phone/mail with cash/check or PayPal.

Additional $5.00 fee for PayPal transaction processing. Additional costs for shipping may apply.