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Build your Own Gift Set

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Thinking of that special someone but they are too far away for a massage? Now the Peak Enhancements and At Home Spa services you enjoy and love can be shared with that special someone or yourself!

Build your gift set from the following items:

  Product Quantity
Small Gift Box (3-4 Items)


Medium Gift Box (4-6 Items)


Large Gift Box (8-10 Items)


Aromatherapy Lotion


Small Unscented Scrub


Small Scented Scrub


Small Mud


Medium Mud


Medium Scented Scrub


Medium Unscented Scrub


Large Unscented Scrub


Large Scented Scrub


Large Mud


X Large Unscented Scrub


X Large Scented Scrub


X Large Mud


Exfoliating Gloves


Mud Body Brush


Mud Facial Brush


Eye Mask


Heart Shaped Salt Stone


Hand Spa Towel


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