How are linens/sheets kept cleaned?

A new set of linens is used for every client. Linen/sheets are cleaned with Tide Hygienic Clean Laundry Detergent in Hot Water after each use. There is a fresh clean sheepskin padding for the face cradle for each set of linens. My table sheepskin padding that lays underneath the linens used for clients, and the blankets provided are washed on a weekly basis.
Clean linens are folded and placed in a linen tote bag. When linens are dirty after use, the linen tote bags are lined with a plastic trash bag and the dirty linens are placed in the plastic bag until they can be washed.
After each session, the Face cradle, Stool, Bolster and Lotion Bottles are disinfected with Seventh Generation disinfectant wipes.
**For in clinic services, all touched services are wiped down as well. I.E. Door handles and coat hanger.**