How much time should I allow for my session?

For Mobile services: Clients should allow an additional 30 mins to the time you have booked. 15 mins prior and 15 mins after your appointment time to allow the therapist to set up, clean and break down.
*Your service provider may arrive even earlier for Group/ Massage Parties or Events. If your service provider arriving early does not work with your schedule, please communicate this at your earliest convenience with your therapist/service provider. Some additional time may be needed if you have added on an enhancement or spa service or for events that allow set up for retail merchandise sales*

For In-Clinic Services: New Clients should arrive about 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork and to allow time for a pre-session consultation, a post service consultation, payment processing and pre-booking if the client desires. Example: for a New client with an hour appointment should set aside at most an hour and half for their first visit. A regular client with an hour appointment should set aside about an hour and 15 minutes for their appointment.
*These times are estimated and do not include clients’ travel time to and from the clinic.*